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2022 Season and Playoffs
Aug 3, 2022

The 2022 playoffs are now live on the site. Good luck everyone!

Sep 29, 2021

With the 2021 playoffs now upon us, the site has been updated with a new section to show the league's path to its championship title. A printable scoresheet has also been added to the Information section.

Also, as a reminder, the site is still using a number of non-placeholder logos, and the webmaster is still hoping to hear from teams to replace them. (See the previous post for contact info.)

New website, new season!
Jul 12, 2021

Welcome to the new website for Church League Fastball. It's a work in progress, but should be completed further as time progresses. Many of the links are broken and contents are placeholder-text. This will all be fixed, so keep checking back in! The goal is to include a number of fun features for teams and players. In any case, that will be detailed later. In the meantime, please note that logos can be replaced if teams can provide them: please get in touch with the webmaster at elmesb72 at gmail dot com to discuss further.

Aside from that, the schedule for the upcoming 2021 season has been set! A seven team shortened season, we can all hope that we're finally past the point in the pandemic that we can hang out with the guys again. Upcoming games will be shown on the left hand side of this page, standings on the right, and full schedules should be available on your team page (see the top bar). Good luck to everyone!


Team GP W L T Pts RF RA Diff
NVJ 18 12 5 1 25 135 95 +40
EZB 18 10 8 0 20 142 111 +31
HIL 16 9 6 1 19 116 107 +9
ST 17 9 8 0 18 122 125 -3
BC 14 6 7 1 13 75 92 -17
WH 17 5 10 2 12 109 128 -19
MPL 18 5 12 1 11 108 149 -41


Church League Fastball is a league that values the spirit of friendly competition. Meant as an introductory league for players looking for more competition than offered by slow- and three-pitch leagues, the league envisions you bringing out your neighbour or friend to learn the game of fastpitch softball.

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